Guest Blog; Nether Region No-No

Posted by Bill Brumbach on 16th Apr 2021

Guest Blog; Nether Region No-No

I have a skin condition. For as long as I can remember, I've battled psoriasis. I'm lucky enough that my condition isn't terrible and only a small portion of my skin is affected by plaque lesions. 

It's one of the many reasons why I'm so particular about the skin care products I use and why I trust Brave Soldier skin care. Protecting my skin from damage is even more important because any damage that I may experience could trigger a psoriasis outbreak. Not to mention most skin care products (shampoo, body wash, anything really) can cause irritation as well. 

But I found something that has finally helped cure my lesions (or at least send them into remission). It's ultraviolet phototherapy. I've been using an at-home phototherapy wand for the past few weeks and it's been very effective at making my lesions completely disappear in places where I've had them for several years. 

Even though I've been using the phototherapy wand responsibly and as directed, the wand does the following to the areas of my skin I treat; it makes the lesions blister, the blisters heal, the psoriasis blister is gone after it heals. 

It's relatively painful as I get through the blistering phase into healing, but the ends justify the means considering I've been self conscious about some of these spots for a long time now. 

But now for the part that I'm truly embarrassed about. I also have some lesions on my genitals. 

CLEARLY I can't provide photos of that nonsense on this blog (or in general), but suffice it to say, the blistering portion of this process has NOT been very fun. My nether region has some very painful and unfortunate blisters that I know will heal eventually into unaffected skin. 

So why am I telling you all this? Because one of the products that I have been swearing by (ESPECIALLY now) to not only numb the pain of the blistering and to speed up the healing process has been Antiseptic Healing Ointment. It's been a true godsend and I have been slathering my crotch in this product to resume some sense of normalcy or wearing appropriate attire (working from home for the win!) as well as pain-free running in compression shorts.