Friction Zone for that OTHER Kind of Biking

It's easy to assume that bicyclists are the only people who suffer from saddle sores. Don't make that mistake! Those other "bikers" (motorcycles) have to battle the same issue, especially when touring across the nation. 

We received a testimonial from an avid biker who recently tried our Friction Zone product for one of his long rides. Here's what he had to say about his experience:

"I had to write to thank you for your Friction Zone product. I have been riding Harley Davidson motorcycles for many years and often suffer from the heat and friction of riding over a hot engine. I tried different seats and seat pads, but not much helped. Recently my wife suggested I try Brave Soldier's Friction Zone and I was amazed! No more rashes, no more chafing or saddle sores or unpleasant odor from sweat - just pure comfort.

I am now a faithful user of Friction Zone and I've told friends and family about it. I just wish I had found it a long time ago!

A grateful customer, 


Thanks for reaching out, Dan! Always happy to make those long rides a little more enjoyable! If you want to experience the difference on your next long ride (either on bicycle or motorcycle), use code "AMBER20" for 20% off your next order!