In the event that you haven’t noticed the grass stained micro-soccer players wearing oversized uniforms, let us assure you that spring sports leagues have begun. Families each week begin the ritual of packing chairs, orange slices, towels and shin guards, while others grab baseball gloves, bleacher cushions and juice pouches. Youth sports are continuing to grow in popularity and families are spending more time outside at games and practices around baseball and soccer fields. After a few good sunburns on the lower two-thirds of their arms and the tops of their legs, they might remember to pack sunscreen.

Brave Soldier is a company that loves to be outdoors, and we want to help make sure your skin stays healthy. We are not the only people concerned about your skin. Spring training baseball parks frequently warn patrons to use sunscreen, as most are unaware just how likely sunburn is in southern Florida, even in early March. Youth sports leagues provide reminders to parents to use sunscreen on the family during games.

When you are in the sun for prolonged periods of time, there are several tips to help keep your skin healthy and avoid the regrets associated with sunburn. Umbrellas are not just for sun at the beach. Many foldable chairs even come with the helpful canopy. Visors are wonderful for shade to protect you eyes and part of your face from the sun. The downside of a visor is that it leaves your scalp exposed to the sun. A sunburned scalp is uncomfortable at best, and since there are not many products to provide screen to your scalp, opt for a wide brimmed hat over a visor. Lastly, seek a sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection. One essential tip to remember for applying your sunscreen is to do so regularly (about every two hours) and don’t skimp on the amount you apply. As you choose a sunscreen look for one that is water resistant and non-greasy so you get maximum protection without ruining a uniform or team t-shirt.

The often-overlooked part of your skin in the sun is your lips. Rarely do you notice how they feel until they are dry and hurting. Your lips deserve protection. Choose a product with SPF15 to help prevent chapping from sun and windburn. In this case an ounce of prevention against wind and sunburn goes a long way. You will want your lips to be healthy as you shout and cheer for your All-Star. Do not let cracked lips keep you from being able to cheer at the top of your lungs!

We encourage you to try our products. Solar Shield is a sunscreen that includes anti-oxidants to fight the aging effects of the sun, as well as protects against UVA and UVB rays. Our Lip Defender will keep your lips moist and it tastes good.

Don’t let a good day at the park be spoiled by sunburn or chapped lips. Protect your family’s skin with the same vigilance you protect your kids with shin guards and batting helmets. Have fun, enjoy the outdoors, and remember to be a good sport!