Ultra Race Survival Tips

This past weekend, one of our loyal athletes tackled a desert climate 50k (his first ultra). He knew that going into it that if he wanted to be successful (and comfortable) he would need to prevent chafing and blisters and protect his lips from a desert sunburn. 

He strategically placed Friction Zone gel at select aid stations over the course of the 30 miles in case he needed to reapply to his feet or elsewhere during the race. With Ultra racing, a mole-hill of an inconvenience/pain can turn into a mountain late into a race unless you treat it in a timely fashion. That blister you feel forming at mile 10 can turn into such terrible pain, that it changes your running gait, which could lead to other issues down the line. 

So in order to prevent any blisters or chafing, this athlete applied a liberal amount of Friction Zone to his feet before the race started, which helped tremendously at the start of the race where participants climbed 3,000 vertical feet within the first 5 miles. His heels were very happy! Another application at mile 16 to his feet, inner thighs, and underarm areas got him to the finish line feeling comfortable for 6 hours worth of running. 

But on top of that, racing in a fully-exposed desert climate can be a problem for your lips. Lip Defender's SPF 15 sun protection not only prevents sun burns on your lips but also locks in your lips' moisture in the dry desert air with siliconized bees wax. This tiny tube stashes easily into a running vest or belt and allows runners to easily reapply during a race to keep their lips comfortable for the entirety of the race. 

For your next long-distance event, these two products are must haves!