Spartan Race World Championship Preview

With Spartan Race's World Championship this weekend in Squaw Valley, California, the weather this weekend is shaping up to make for an especially chilly set of conditions. The World Championship course is notorious for having multiple water-based obstacles that test grip strength as well as grit while athletes persist in the face of hypothermia

With predicted cold weather (and uncertainty if Spartan will remove the water obstacles from the course), some athletes are turning to wetsuits to avoid a DNF

Doing any kind of endurance activity in a wetsuit can result in chafing and rashes from the friction, let alone on a 13+ mile course in the mountains of Lake Tahoe. Athletes who are packing a wetsuit for the race "just in case" would do themselves a favor to include Friction Zone in that suitcase as well. Friction Zone is a superior anti-chafing, anti-friction gel that will keep your skin protected and comfortable in wet and dry conditions. 

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