Remedy for Dry/Damaged Hands

Our flagship product, Antiseptic Healing Ointment, is hands down one of the most effective ointments on the market for helping cuts, scrapes, and abrasions heal fast while also minimizing the chance of scarring. But did you know it is also great to apply on dry, chapped hands during the winter months? 

AHO is formulated with jojoba seed and soybean oil (two natural moisturizers) and beeswax which protects the skin from irritants and seals in moisture where it's applied. Aloe leaf extract hydrates, another key ingredient, protects and smooths the skin. If you're familiar with chapped hands, you know how coarse your skin can get and how unsightly those red and ashy spots can be. Just a few applications of our Antiseptic Healing Ointment will clear that right up. 

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