Fall Marathon Training

As the weather starts to cool and the air becomes more crisp, a lot of you may be gearing up for a fall marathon. All those summer miles in the heat and humidity should yield some faster paces on your training runs this fall. And let's be honest, logging those long runs is going to feel a lot better when you're not sweating to death in hot and humid conditions. 

Even though the weather is becoming more comfortable, it's important to continue to protect your skin during your last training blocks leading up to your fall event and during your big fall race, too! Nothing will make a long distance running event unbearable like chafing, hot spots, and blisters. 

Why? Well, first of all, when your skin starts to enter the pre-blister stage (or even when it's blistered), you're more likely to change your running gait. When this happens, you risk a running-related injury that can knock you out of finishing the event you've had circled on your calendar for months. 

And no matter how perfect the fall weather may feel, when you're running, your body is expelling sweat which can make those hot spots burn from the salt. OUCH!

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