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After a shave or wax, apply about a dime size amount into damp or dry skin and let dry. Re-apply after showering or bathing. GEL FORMULATION

Worlds apart from traditional aftershaves, Code Blue feels similar to an aloe gel and helps to dramatically reduce skin irritation due to shaving, waxing and other cosmetic procedures. Code Blue greatly improves skin's appearance and leaves you with a healthy, clean glow. It gently and effectively soothes the 'burn.' Try it cold for an unparalleled soothing experience.

Defined by a proprietary Aquas delivery system, this botanically enhanced aloe gel provides a cooling silky film over the contact area. Easy tip cap for clean application. Great for razor burn and pre and post bikini waxing to reduce pain. Excellent on sunburn and acne breakout prone skin. Helps reduce burn, and razor bumps.

Lidocaine: Topical pain reliever, gently and temporarily numbs the skin Aloe Vera Gel 10X: Super concentrated Aloe Vera extract, hydrates, protects, and relieves the skin.

Tea Tree Oil: Antiseptic and antibacterial properties promote clear skin complexion.

Menthol: Stimulates your cold-sensing nerve endings to help cool the skin.

Eucalyptus Oil: Reduces redness and irritation of the skin.

Salicylic Acid: Promotes a healthy complexion and helps reduce bumps and redness brought on by acne.


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